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Turf Moor, home of Burnley FC, is a historic football stadium known for its vibrant atmosphere. Burnley, based in Lancashire, has a rich heritage and a passionate fan base, making Turf Moor an iconic venue in English football.


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Location: Turf Moor

Turf Moor is nestled in the heart of Burnley, a historic town in Lancashire, England. Located in the northeastern region of the country, this quaint stadium sits proudly among the surrounding urban landscape. Surrounded by picturesque fields and rolling hills, Turf Moor is a testament to the rich footballing heritage of the area. Its central location makes it easily accessible to both locals and visitors, offering a vibrant atmosphere for all football enthusiasts.
To reach Turf Moor Stadium by car, follow the A646 road towards Burnley. Turn onto Harry Potts Way and follow signs to the stadium. Ample parking is available nearby for a hassle-free match day experience.
If you’re looking for a parking spot near Turf Moor, worry no more. There are plenty of options available, including nearby car parks and street parking, ensuring your car is safe and secure while you enjoy the game.
Getting to Turf Moor Stadium is easy with public transport. Take a bus or train to Burnley Central Station and then hop on the local bus service, which stops conveniently near the stadium. The nearest bus stops are Belvedere Road and Harry Potts Way, ensuring a hassle-free journey for sports enthusiasts.
Looking to cycle to Turf Moor Stadium? Follow these simple steps for a scenic journey! Start from Burnley town centre, head south on the A679, then take a left onto Harry Potts Way. Cycle straight down the road until you reach the stadium. A convenient and eco-friendly way to reach the home of your favorite team!
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History of Turf Moor

Turf Moor is a renowned stadium located in Burnley, Lancashire. Built in 1883, it has been home to numerous epic football clashes and witnessed countless historic moments. With a capacity of approximately 22,000 spectators, Turf Moor stands as one of the oldest and most iconic stadiums in England. Its classic architecture blends heritage with modernity, providing an immersive matchday experience for fans. The stadium’s unique charm emanates from its traditional four stands: the James Hargreaves Stand, the Bob Lord Stand, the Jimmy McIlroy Stand, and the Cricket Field Stand. Nestled in the heart of Burnley, Turf Moor epitomizes the passion and dedication of football fans, making it a must-visit destination for sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Stadium Layout

Turf Moor, nestled in the heart of Burnley, is a premier football stadium renowned for its impressive layout and unique sections. Designed to maximize spectator experience, the stadium offers a well-thought-out arrangement that ensures an electrifying atmosphere on match days. With its four stands – the James Hargreaves, Bob Lord, Jimmy McIlroy, and the Cricket Field – Turf Moor provides diverse seating options for fans. Each stand offers unobstructed views of the pitch, allowing supporters to soak in the thrilling action from every angle. The stadium’s layout also includes well-placed entrances and exits, ensuring smooth crowd movement throughout the venue. Additionally, Turf Moor boasts excellent facilities, including comfortable seating, ample legroom, and top-notch amenities, ensuring that fans have a memorable and enjoyable time during their visit. Experience the magic of Turf Moor firsthand and immerse yourself in the rich footballing history of this remarkable stadium.
Turf Moor

About Burnley

Burnley Football Club, based in Burnley, Lancashire, is a professional soccer club with a rich history and numerous achievements. Known as “The Clarets,” Burnley has a strong legacy in English football.

One of the biggest achievements in Burnley’s history is their remarkable success in the early 1960s. The club clinched the First Division title in the 1959-60 season, an outstanding feat. Additionally, Burnley reached the FA Cup Final in 1914, lifting the trophy after defeating Liverpool. These triumphs demonstrate the club’s prowess and determination.

Burnley Football Club continues to excel and compete at the highest levels of English football. With a minimum of two promotions in the last decade, including a return to the Premier League, the club’s ambition remains evident.

For more information, check the official club website.

FAQ about Turf Moor

Yes, you can buy tickets at Turf Moor. But we recommend to buy tickets online to secure your seat.
Experience the thrill of live football at Turf Moor with match day ticket prices starting from affordable rates to premium categories.
Turf Moor offers a limited number of season tickets, allowing fans to secure their spot for all the thrilling matches. With high demand and a strong fan base, these tickets are highly coveted and often sell out quickly. Offering exclusive benefits, including priority access, discounts, and special events, season ticket holders enjoy a privileged experience throughout the season. Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of the passionate community of dedicated supporters by securing your season ticket for an unforgettable football season at Turf Moor.
Season tickets at Turf Moor vary in price depending on the seating area and category. The price ranges generally range from affordable to premium, catering to different budgets and preferences. Whether you prefer a prime spot in the main stand or a more affordable option in the family section, Turf Moor has a range of options to choose from. With varying price categories, fans can find a season ticket that suits their needs and enables them to enjoy the thrill of Burnley FC matches throughout the season.
The ticket office at Turf Moor, home of Burnley Football Club, is located near the Bob Lord Stand. Fans can easily find it on Harry Potts Way, providing a convenient approach to purchase match tickets and seek assistance related to ticketing on matchdays.
The Burnley Central train station is the closest station to Turf Moor, the home of Burnley Football Club. Located just a short walk away, it provides convenient access for fans attending matches or visiting the stadium.
The seating plan at Turf Moor, home of Burnley Football Club, offers a fantastic view of the pitch from all angles. With seating arranged in a traditional grandstand style, fans can enjoy an intimate and atmospheric experience. The stands are well-designed, ensuring a clear sightline for every supporter, creating an excellent environment for cheering on the team. The seating plan at Turf Moor truly enhances the overall matchday experience.