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Kenilworth Road, home to Luton Town Football Club, boasts a rich history and passionate atmosphere. As an iconic venue, it has witnessed countless memorable moments, making it a must-visit location for football enthusiasts.


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Location: Kenilworth Road

Kenilworth Road is a well-known stadium situated in the heart of Luton, a vibrant town located in Bedfordshire, England. Nestled within a residential area, the stadium stands as a landmark, with its rich history and tradition. Surrounded by local businesses and various amenities, Kenilworth Road offers a bustling atmosphere on match days, attracting football enthusiasts from all around. Its central location ensures easy accessibility by public transport and is an integral part of the local community.
To reach Kenilworth Road Stadium by car, take the M1 motorway and exit at Junction 10. Follow signs for Luton town center and the stadium will be well signposted. Enjoy the game!
There are several parking options available near Kenilworth Road for car owners. From public parking lots to nearby streets, visitors can easily find a suitable spot to park their vehicle, ensuring a hassle-free experience while attending events or exploring the area.
Getting to Kenilworth Road stadium by public transport is easy. The closest stops are Luton Station and Luton Airport Parkway station. From there, hop on a bus or train to arrive at the stadium conveniently. Enjoy the match hassle-free with numerous transport options available.
Looking to cycle to Kenilworth Road Stadium? Start by mapping out a scenic route, utilizing dedicated bicycle lanes. Lock your bike securely upon arrival and enjoy the convenience and eco-friendliness of cycling to the stadium. Get your gears in motion and embrace a sustainable journey!
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History of Kenilworth Road

Kenilworth Road Stadium, located in Luton, is a renowned sporting venue with a rich history. With a seating capacity of over 10,000 spectators, this iconic stadium stands tall as a testament to the city’s sporting heritage. Known for its electrifying atmosphere, Kenilworth Road has witnessed countless historic moments, making it a cherished destination for football enthusiasts. The stadium offers an immersive experience, providing an unobstructed view of the action from every seat. Kenilworth Road has been a host to numerous thrilling matches, creating memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re a local resident or a visiting fan, be sure to catch a game at this magnificent stadium and indulge in the thrill of live football action.

Stadium Layout

Kenilworth Road Stadium, located in Luton, boasts a well-designed layout that promises an exceptional experience for visitors. The stadium is divided into several sections, each offering unique perspectives on the game. The main stands include the Bobbers Stand, which provides an excellent view of both halves, and the David Preece Stand, offering premium seating and luxurious amenities.The layout ensures that fans can soak in the excitement from every corner, with unobstructed views and comfortable seating throughout. Additionally, the stadium features state-of-the-art facilities, including spacious concourses, modern restrooms, and numerous food and beverage options to cater to diverse tastes.Kenilworth Road Stadium’s stands provide a vibrant atmosphere, bringing fans closer to the action. The Oak Road Stand, known for its passionate atmosphere, creates an electric ambiance that amplifies the thrill of the game. Whether you’re a local supporter or an away fan, the stadium fulfills all expectations with its well-planned layout, excellent sections, and spirited stands that enhance the overall experience.
Kenilworth Road

About Luton Town

The Luton Town soccer club, founded in 1885, has a rich history and numerous achievements. Over the years, Luton Town has secured several significant titles and honors, making it a prominent name in English football. The club has won a minimum of four Football League titles and has at least two Football League Cups to its name. Luton Town has also achieved success in various lower divisions, clinching a minimum of two Football Conference titles. Additionally, the team has had commendable performances in the FA Cup, reaching the final on at least one occasion. To stay up to date with the latest news, fixtures, and more about Luton Town, visit the official club website.

For more information, check the official club website.

FAQ about Kenilworth Road

Yes, you can buy tickets at Kenilworth Road stadium. But we recommend to buy tickets online to secure your seat.
Experience the thrill of match day at Kenilworth Road with affordable ticket options to suit every fan, ensuring a range of prices to match your budget and offer an unforgettable football experience.
There are a limited number of season tickets available at Kenilworth Road, allowing avid fans the opportunity to secure their spot for every home game. With the demand always high, getting a season ticket ensures you never miss a thrilling moment of the action. These tickets grant you access to each match, creating a sense of camaraderie and excitement among fellow supporters. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of Kenilworth Road with a season ticket. Grab yours now before they sell out!
The price range of season tickets at Kenilworth Road varies based on the seating area and category. Prices can range from approximately £300 for standard seating in the lower stands to around £700 for premium seats with enhanced facilities and better views. There are also different categories available, such as adult, senior, and child tickets, with corresponding prices for each. These prices allow fans to choose a suitable option based on their budget and seating preferences, ensuring an accessible range for all supporters.
The ticket office at Kenilworth Road is conveniently located near the main entrance of the stadium. It is easily accessible for fans wanting to purchase or collect tickets before the game.
The train station closest to Kenilworth Road is Luton Railway Station. It is located approximately 1 mile away from the stadium, making it a convenient option for those traveling to the area for events or matches.
The seating plan of Kenilworth Road offers a compact and intimate atmosphere for football fans. With a capacity of approximately 10,000 seats, the stadium provides a close proximity to the pitch, allowing spectators to feel fully engaged in the action. The seating arrangements ensure excellent sightlines from all angles, ensuring a great view of the game for all attendees.