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Bramall Lane, home to Sheffield United, is a historic stadium with a rich soccer legacy. It has witnessed remarkable moments, passionate fans, and exhilarating matches, making it an iconic symbol of Sheffield’s football culture.


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Location: Bramall Lane

Bramall Lane is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Situated in the Sharrow area, it is one of the oldest football stadiums in the world. The stadium is nestled amongst the residential neighborhood, surrounded by rows of houses and local amenities. With its historical significance and central location, Bramall Lane is not only a landmark for football enthusiasts but also an integral part of the local community.
To conveniently reach Bramall Lane stadium by car, take the A61 road and follow signs for Sheffield city center. Once there, follow directions to the stadium, which is situated in close proximity to the city center.
You can conveniently park your car at the nearby parking lots or multi-story car parks, such as Bramall Lane Car Park or Q-Park Charles Street, while visiting Bramall Lane. Enjoy hassle-free parking options for your car during your visit.
Getting to Bramall Lane stadium is easy with public transport. Hop on a tram and alight at either the Sheffield Station or Granville Road stop. Alternatively, buses passing by here include the 47, 48, 53, and 87. Conveniently located stops make your journey to the stadium a breeze!
Cycling to Bramall Lane Stadium is a convenient and eco-friendly way to reach the venue. Simply hop on your bike, follow the designated cycling routes, and enjoy a smooth journey to the stadium. With ample bike parking available, cycling is not only a healthy option but also ensures hassle-free access to all the thrilling events at Bramall Lane.
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History of Bramall Lane

Bramall Lane, a historic stadium located in Sheffield, is a true gem among sports venues. With a capacity of over 32,000 enthusiastic fans, it provides an electrifying atmosphere for every event. Built in 1855, Bramall Lane is not only one of the oldest stadiums in the world but also boasts a rich history of hosting various sporting events and concerts. Its iconic stands offer fantastic views, ensuring an unforgettable experience for spectators. Whether you’re attending a thrilling football match or witnessing a captivating concert, Bramall Lane’s exceptional facilities and superb acoustics guarantee an extraordinary time for all. Book your tickets now and be part of the unparalleled energy at Bramall Lane.

Stadium Layout

Bramall Lane, the historic stadium located in Sheffield, exudes grandeur and boasts a remarkable design. Its layout is meticulously planned to provide an unforgettable experience for spectators. Divided into distinct sections, each offers a unique perspective of the game. The stands, thoughtfully placed around the pitch, envelop fans in an electric atmosphere. The Kop Stand, renowned for its passionate fans, stands tall on one side, while the South Stand, with its modern facilities, offers an enhanced viewing experience. The John Street Stand provides a blend of modernity and tradition, showcasing the stadium’s rich history. Finally, the Bramall Lane Stand completes the layout, accommodating both home and away supporters. Beyond the captivating matches, the stadium’s design seamlessly combines comfort and functionality. With ample facilities such as food stalls, restrooms, and souvenir shops, fans can indulge in a complete matchday experience. Bramall Lane’s layout, sections, and stands truly create an iconic setting that captures the essence of football fervor.
Bramall Lane

About Sheffield United

Sheffield United Football Club, commonly referred to as the Blades, is a historic soccer club based in Sheffield, England. Founded in 1889, Sheffield United has a rich sporting legacy and boasts numerous notable achievements.

One of the club’s greatest successes came in the 1897-1898 season when Sheffield United won the Football League First Division title, becoming the first team from Yorkshire to achieve this feat. They have also won the FA Cup on at least four occasions, with the most recent triumph occurring in 1925. Furthermore, the Blades have achieved success in lower-tier competitions, including winning the Football League One title in the 2016-2017 season.

Sheffield United has a strong tradition and loyal fan base, contributing to the club’s enduring legacy in English football. For more information about Sheffield United Football Club and its achievements, check the official club website.

FAQ about Bramall Lane

Yes, you can buy tickets at Bramall Lane. But we recommend to buy tickets online to secure your seat.
Experience the thrill of the game at Bramall Lane with match day tickets starting from as low as £20, ensuring there’s a category to suit every budget.
Bramall Lane offers a limited number of season tickets each year, providing fans with exclusive access to all home games. These highly sought-after passes ensure enthusiasts can enjoy every moment of the thrilling matches and support their favored players and team. With only a certain amount available, securing a season ticket guarantees dedicated fans uninterrupted attendance throughout the season. Whether it’s witnessing nail-biting victories or unforgettable moments, owning a Bramall Lane season ticket ensures a front-row seat to an incredible journey of football.
The price range for season tickets at Bramall Lane varies depending on the seating area and membership category. For the 2021/2022 season, adult season tickets are available from around £480 to £870, while concession tickets range from approximately £330 to £520. Family packages and junior memberships offer discounted rates, with prices starting from about £45 for young Blades fans. The club also offers hospitality packages for those seeking a premium experience, with prices ranging from around £1,100 to £3,200 per season.
The ticket office at Bramall Lane is conveniently located near the main entrance of the stadium. Whether you’re a passionate Blades supporter or a visiting fan, you can easily purchase your tickets and experience the thrilling atmosphere of a football match at this iconic venue.
The closest train station to Bramall Lane is Sheffield Station, located just 1.1 miles away. It offers direct connections to various cities across the UK, making it easily accessible for football fans heading to the stadium.
The seating plan at Bramall Lane offers a fantastic view of the pitch from every angle. With a capacity of approximately 32,000, the stadium ensures a vibrant atmosphere during matches. The seats are well-placed and comfortable, enabling fans to immerse themselves in the action. Whether you’re seated in the main stand or the Kop, Bramall Lane provides an enjoyable experience for all football enthusiasts.